Match your portfolio to your vision

Direct and oversee the businesses you advise, invest in, and own with metrics and dashboards to measure their contribution to your financial goals

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Get a single picture of your business

Stop wrangling metrics in multiple places.

OneMetric helps you get everything together in one simple and focussed tool so you can better identify trends and highlight performance improvements.

“I've loved using OneMetric from day one. The simplicity, clean interface and most importantly, the ability for me to pull together metrics from disparate sources. I love being able to see trends at a glance and the intuitive way to group and organise metrics.”

Andrew Long, Head of Customer Support at Timely

You're building an empire

Whether you have one website, one online store, one real estate property, or you have three charities to manage, or seven startups to advise, or twenty physical stores to run -- you're building an empire. Your empire runs on metrics, and OneMetric is the dashboard that lets you manage your portfolio's top metrics.

Why You'll Love OneMetric


Lightweight dashboards

As many dashboards as you need, with metric reuse for consistency.


Reliable data entry

Guides when you're entering data, meaning fewer errors.


See visible trends

Graphs and comparisons to show what’s going well and what needs attention.


Calculated metrics

All of the power of a spreadsheet, without the complexity.


Share with anyone

View dashboards anywhere, on any device, and you control who has access.


Add your comments

Use notes to provide context and highlight what matters.


Import values auto-magically

Import your financial and analytics metrics daily from Xero, Google Analytics & more.


Timely reminders

Consistency is key. We’ll nudge you to develop the habit of regular updates.


Invite your team

Collaborate with everybody who can help. Many hands make light work.


Expert templates

Recommendations to get you started in minutes. Start small. Build as you go.

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