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OneMetric follows you on your empire journey from Startup, to Default Alive organization, to portfolio of organizations. And OneMetric will feature the Entrepreneur Portfolio Dashboard for Investors or Ecommerce Merchants who invest in or own multiple sites. (Coming Soon)
At the moment, we feel it's more efficient to charge a sufficient enough charge for the portfolio entrepreneur to cover any number of sites (up to 50), rather than charge for each site you bring aboard. That basically means one entity can generously pay for many startup or default alive organizations that are essentially using OneMetric for "free".
You can do that in two ways: 1) either create your own organization when you create your portfolio account, and that organization will sit separately from the other organizations in your portfolio, or 2) create an organization under your portfolio of sites so that it operates under the same umbrella and reports up to you just like your other businesses or stores.
There is a whole paper on why metrics are important and which metrics to use, accessible below (see "The Five Stages of Metrics Maturity"). We also feature articles from around the web on metrics and dashboards for entrepreneurs, and in the future we'll feature webinars and either a private podcast or private newsletter for members (Coming Soon and depending on which members value more)
This is an internal members-only page that features a metric or dashboard that a particular member organization may want to make public (within the private member community only — and you must be a member for more than a quarter bedfore getting access to it) either with their name or anonymously to show particularly great or exemplar metrics and that can be accompanied by a post for more information or to share lessons learned (Coming Soon).

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