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OneMetric scales with you as you move from Startup to Portfolio Entrepreneur

OneMetric was originally created because the founders felt it was important to develop the habit of sharing metrics with people who can help, but also realized how rarely this actually happened. Most companies and teams don’t do this as well as they could.

The metrics gathering and sharing methods were proved out during pivotal roles driving metrics-led results in four successful growth companies (Trade Me, Xero, Vend and Timely). OneMetric therefore became dashboard and reporting software for businesses. It gathered all their metrics in one place, so the business could better understand, share, and improve the numbers that mattered.

Having achieved their goals for a specific set of startups the entrepreneurs then put OneMetric up for sale. The BI Crowd, Samori Augusto's investment property, bought OneMetric with the intention of expanding its features and benefits and reaching new markets, such as e-commerce vendors. OneMetric is now BIPOC owned and operated.


Your account at OneMetric is gaining more data sources and more metrics. As you scale to run several online properties or e-commerce shops, you will find a new home at the Entrepreneur level in OneMetric. Bring all your organizations under your "adviser" account and have them report their metrics up to you. You can then advise, invest in, and direct those organizations to maximize their contributions to your entrepreneurial financial vision.

Whether you have one website, one online store, one real estate property, whether you have three charities to manage, or seven startups to advise and invest in, or twenty physical stores to run -- you're building an empire. Your empire runs on metrics, and OneMetric is the dashboard that lets you manage your portfolio's top metrics.

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